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My Why

For over 10 years, I have provided compensation consultation to recruiters and hiring managers assisting them in making informed salary decisions for recruitment and the promotion of associates.  It’s surprising how few grasp the intricacies involved in the calculation of compensation.   Compensation has a scientific approach that incorporates looking at market data, equity, and other factors.  It also has a touch of magic that, unfortunately is too difficult to articulate, and I have been sworn to secrecy (just kidding!)

Of all the experiences I have embarked upon in my career, compensation has been one of the best choices; I simply love the magic!  Who wouldn’t want to delve into the reasons and meanings behind how and why jobs are paid the way they are? The most challenging part of the job is explaining to leaders why their salary request is not reasonable and explaining the obstacles their request may cause. 


Compensation can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be if you understand what you bring to the table, the range and how you fit within it.   I’d like to add a twist of joy to my every day and empower candidates with a comprehensive understanding of their own value, their unique contributions, and how to negotiate their best salary offer.  It is a goal of mine to take the FEAR out of salary negotiation.  So often we can be timid and not know how to start the conversation with the recruiter or the hiring manager.  Unfortunately, if you do not know your numbers you can be taken advantage of and leave money on the table.  I don’t want that for you or anyone because we all deserve to be paid our worth. It can be fun, and I want to coach you through it! 


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How Can I Assist You?

I’d like to be your personal salary negotiator coach.  I can give you some simple tips & tricks on how to understand your worth, the range, and how you fit within it.

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